From years of experience in realization of electrical installations for domestic and foreign investors, we would chronologically mention these facilities, and we sincerely apologize to everyone that is not mentioned:

•    French humanitarian organization "Eklibar"
- Special Institute "Demir Kapija" Demir Kapija
- Home for the Elderly "Sue Rider", Bitola
- Gerontology Institute "13th November" Zlokukani, Skopje
•    Humanitarian organization "CRS"
- PS “Ekrem Chabej", Tetovo.
Ministry of Education
- PS "Slavcho Stojmenski", Vinica
- Institute for children with impaired hearing "Koco Racin", Bitola
- PS "Zina Hani" Veleshta.
•    JSC “Tehnometal Vardar"
- Discount Center Madzari
- Car Dealership "Nissan"
- Reconstruction of the boiler room and mechanical room
•    JSC "Godel" Skopje packaging unit PE "Slaughterhouse with fridge”
•    "Nicol Fert" Nikolikj, Dojran; Production plant for processing wire and wire products.
•    Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus”,Skopje
•    Institute for lung diseases and tuberculosis TBC Skopje
•    Restaurant "Ezerce" City park, Skopje
•    Power line Substation 10/0.4 KV and a production plant Ljubojno.
•    "Electro Skopje"
- Substation 10/0.4 KV and power line. Krushopek and Konjari.
•    "Varteks" CTC Mavtovka, Exhibition Sales shop.
•    Macedonian Telecommunications.
- Satellite antenna connection with the USA and Australia
- TKC Computer Center
- Low-voltage connections for urban and suburban Post offices
•    Surgical Clinics Skopje - Connecting the electric chiller (chamber) for cooling
•    JSC "Alkaloid" Skopje - Connecting the electric chiller (chamber) for cooling
•    GIA engineering – complete electrical installation work on multiple residential and commercial buildings
•    JSC "Skopski Pazar" – Complete electrical installation works and lighting of many markets and green markets.
•   JSC "T -  Mobile" (MOBIMAK) Skopje - Based on a long-term cooperation on an annual framework contract, we have performed numerous electrical installation works (power lines, substations and Low - voltage connections) of base and repeater stations in urban, suburban and rural areas all over the Republic of Macedonia
•    JSC "Pelagonia" - Terminal and control of vehicles at the border crossing Deve Bair
•    Lead and zinc mine "SASA", Makedonska Kamenica –complete reconstruction of electrical installations and lighting and 10 / 0.4 KV power line and substation
•    "Linea" - Based on long-term cooperation, we performed complete electrical installation works on more than 15 residential and business buildings.
•    JSC "Halk Bank" (IK Banka)
Main office -  Nova Makedonija
- ATMs, and branches in Skopje, Gevgelija, Resen, Strumica, Gostivar and others on the territory of the Republic  of Macedonia.
- Current maintenance.
•    JSC "Stopanska Banka", Skopje
- ATMs, and branches in Skopje, Tetovo, Makedonska Kamenica, Kumanovo, Bitola, etc.
- Computer Center- main office
- Current maintenance
•    Business and residential building Prince 1 Prince 2, Skopje; Full installation of 300 apartments.
•    Supermarket and Restaurant Prince
•    Hotel Villa Aldinci with 60 apartments.
•    Service Petrol HTAA Skopje Gas station "Triangla" Madzari Skopje
AS OIL user LUKOIL gas station Glumovo. Skopje-Tetovo highway (multifunctional complex  – gas station, restaurant and vehicle maintenance)
•    JSC "Zito Nama" Sveti Nikole - Silos for grain and flour mills.
•    Project of the Government of Republic of Macedonia –“Granit”-Sports halls in Skopje and Bogdanci
•    Niki Construction - Residential building in Hrom, Skopje
•    Balkan Real Estate - Residential building in Vlae, Skopje
•    Onyx Plus - Municipal Building Jagunovce
•    “Gradeznik” Ohrid  - Business and residential complex  – Palace ZUM st. Pajko Maalo.
•    Also, we have performed a number of private residential and commercial buildings; kindergartens, production plants and other facilities throughout Macedonia

Our 27 years of experience in the field of realization of electrical installations and many completed projects, as well as, the positive recommendations from our customers is an invitation to you to make a successful business cooperation and to mutually implement new ideas and projects.


"OM" D.O.O.E.L Skopje

Adress: Ul. „Suto Orizari” bb
Skopje,R.  Macedonia

+ 389 2 2650 550
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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