OM was founded in1988. In the then polity we formed an electrical installation shop GROM, which gave electrical installation services on a smaller scale. With the independence of the country and the possibility of entering into private equity in 1992, it was transformed into a company called OM, which symbolizes the unit of resistance and reflects our work providing resistance to all challenges and difficulties arising from the survival in the modern era.
By this, we became one of the first private companies that was gaining the trust from the customers and investors with our quality, honesty and hard work for 27 years.


The main activity of OM LLC Skopje is realization of electrical installation works as follows:
- high current installations
- low current installations (phone, computer, fire alarm and TV installations)
- lightning conductor installation
- power lines and substations
- Low - voltage connections
- Drafting and checking of all kinds of switchboards and all other matters related to electricity.


For the successful development and implementation of the customers’ and investors’ requirements, we have a professionally trained and experienced staff, business and manufacturing space, modern machines and tools, own fleet in pursuance of improving the material and human resources that will result in increased efficiency and quality in the implementation of services


Our extensive experience in the field of realization of electrical installations and the numerous realized facilities are an invitation to you to make a successful business cooperation and to mutually implement new ideas and projects.

Thank you for your attention

OM LLC Skopje